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on demand Production

Content is recorded on a data carrier with in corresponding versions and language. Apart from greater flexibility, cost reductions of up to 70 % compared to classic paper documentation can be realised. Additionally, there is the further bonus of being able to address end customers on a personal level.

Our software framework OpenRC (Open Robot Control) automates the production of data carrier (SSD, CF, Cfast, USB, CD, DVD, BD etc.) which are personalised and/or product-specific. We developed OpenRC as individual software that is paying close attention to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Among flexible solutions, OpenRC is the first choice, as robot systems can be tied in to existing structures and individual process sequences. Because of this integration, the recording of data carriers takes place automatically, out of existing systems. OpenRC supports the production of single copies as well as copy jobs that are covering a marginal quantity or the mass production of product specific media.

X-Net Farbleiste


  • cost-effectiveness when in full operation
  • just-in-time productions
  • recording process is asynchronous
  • integration of copy stations into the production environment of the customer
  • enables the recording of several thousands of data carrier (SSD, CF, Cfast, USB, CD, BD etc.) a day
  • enables the parallel recording of different media types (e.g. SSD and CF)
  • verification after the copy process
  • central logging of each copy job
  • optional: encryption of the data in customized container files
    optional: test processes before and/or after the recording
  • deployment of users and robots worldwide, clustering of robots
  • parallel controlling of additional equipment possible (e.g. printer for brief instructions, a written guarantee etc. on paper)
  • scalable and expandable
  • can be used directly in production lines, with possible connection to different systems (e.g. ERP, PPS, DMS)
  • high system stability
  • remote problem solving or through a company worker directly on-site (at robot location)
  • clear data recognition and assignment to the relevant product (e.g. through barcode)
X-Net Farbleiste

High Flexibility Supports the Production of Storage Media in Industry 4.0

It does not make any difference whether a copy job covers 2.000 SSD, a single copy on USB that has to be sent directly to a customer or the mass production of fast with product-specific content. OpenRC processes each copy job just-in-time.

Especially production plants that position themselves in industry 4.0 need flexible solutions for transmission and integration of data in a safe way. Forward-looking technology and intelligent software allow high variability of the content and avoid mixing-up of personalized data. Data carrier can be recorded with individual data that corresponds to the particular customer or business partner. Additional processes before or after the recording of the data improve the data security.

Using Linux and open source components allows us to offer flexible, open and manageable solutions that have been tried and tested many times, especially in industrial environments. OpenRC software is distributed and used worldwide by robot clusters to reliably burn and print more than 100,000 individual media per year.

X-Net Farbleiste