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offisyBox Thermodrucker

Thermal Printer

with 56 mm paper rolls; can be used  over WLAN or LAN optionally


With just one button the bond printer offisyBOX is registered at the cash register and receives printing jobs from the centralized web print server. The bond printer consists of hardware and software components and can be used over LAN or WLAN connection.

Project Description

Especially small and medium companies do not have particular staff for administrative activities. With their online cash register offisy supports this target audience.Obligations to generate documents, cash register requirements, obligations to keep individual reports etc. - customers of offisy do not have to deal with these legal regulations as the software does this. Simple use, standard functionalities and a lot of notable additional features disburden the daily business.

offisy contacted us to realise a printing solution for all necessary documents. The idea to sell standard printing systems was neglected fast as support effort for different operating systems and applications concerning the printing systems would be too much. A simple to use and error-free printing system was needed.

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Pre-configured with the company profile

The bond printer is connected with the profile of the customer already before it is delivered. The customer does not need to register and install it any more but only configure the internet connection. That's all before the printer is ready for use.

offisyBOX is connected via LAN or WLAN which allows  mobile use of the system. As soon as the bond printer is registered in the same network as the cash register system, it is available for any print job. The connection to the online cash register is encrypted.

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Find out more about offisy at https://offisy.at/

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