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Online Monitoring of Excavated Material

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blp GeoServices Online monitoring of excavated material
blp GeoServices gmbh makes declarations of the quality of excavated materials. For this purpose, trucking is recorded directly at the excavation site. The address of the transport is determined according to the characterisation of the excavated material. A software framework automates the processes.

Project Description

Plenty of waste accumulates within the scope of construction projects. In particular, it consists of waste that is not trivial, like e.g. excavated soil, remains of old waste-yards, old foundations and installations of buildings, clinker or something like that. These materials have to be analysed, characterised and assessed. Further on, they have to be disposed. A manual generation of necessary documentation is time-consuming and error-prone.

The software framework saves all information in a centralised application and interprets them on click. Additionally, the disposing of truck drivers takes place as they get a voucher with the loaded waste quality.

The export of current assessment confirmations is available. This ensures the compliance with all measurements.

The input of new projects takes place in the administration interface. Each project gets a unique name, numerous assessment confirmations can be assigned. Additionally, each project can be linked with defined parameters like loading or unloading point. Staff inserts relevant content directly on-site.

Incurring entries are available in the backend immediately. Every creation, change or cancellation of an entry is digitally registered in the database and marked with a time stamp.

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Online Application

The online monitoring of excavated material is mainly designed for the use on mobile devices. A simple handling and speedy user guidance is understood. The application is realised in python.

Each entry is saved on the centralised server as well as locally. This avoids possible data loss in case of problems with the network connection. If a device is defect, the current entry is recorded manually and entered in the back-end afterwards.

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Key Data of the Project

Logo blp GeoServices

Project start: October 2018

Project duration: 3 months


Find out more about blp GeoServices GmbH at http://www.blpgeo.at/

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