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eDok Volkshilfe Arbeitswelt Screenshot Software
  • document management for consultancy files
  • real-time data without distortion
  • fulfilment of legal requirements (documentation and storage obligations)
  • regulated access permissions (e.g. access to files in case of maternity or sick leave)
  • independent of any device
  • modular structure
  • interfaces to connect eDok with individual systems
  • privacy and security
  • voice entry
„EDOK“ is a modern document management system for consulting services for people with disabilities. It supports integration services in documentation and archiving of their work and the resulting advisory acts. Clients of these services have high benefit as all administrating actions are  carried-out efficiently and success-oriented. eDok well-arranged, independent of any device and flexible and can be used at any location. Operational handing is eased up and data is reliably provided in real-team and distortion-free.

Project Description

Volkshilfe Arbeitswelt GmbH had to replace their out-dated software to administrate and document consultancy and assistance services for their clients. Any change in the software was time-consuming and expensive and the database did in large parts not correspond to the requirements of the consultants any more. They ask for a new implementation of the systems with more flexible modules. The aim was to simplify the administration and organisation of the support services and to get a software that is up to date and allows e.g. mobile access.

In the middle of 2019, working groups consisting of project leaders and team members of the areas youth coaching, assistance for teenager and assistance for adults prepared a requirements catalogue as basis for the development of the main system. The modular structure and interface allow customisations. This is why eDok can easily be adjusted to the differing requirements and areas.

Agile development methods were used:test beds were realised and evaluated through staff of Volkshilfe Arbeitswelt. Their feedback was integrated and realised in the following development steps. The result is a software that corresponds to the requirement of the consulting staff (e.g. summaries, archiving functionality, report generation, mobile applications, easy handing over of documentations) and fulfils legal documentation and storage obligations as well as deletion specifications.

Furthermore, open source components ensure transparency and long term support and future developments.

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Focus on essential processes and roles

eDok Volkshilfe Arbeitswelt

To ascertain that there is an optimal overview within recurring support services, a so-called briefcase is assigned to each individual client. The briefcase contains all electronic acts as well as the documentation of interview and consultation processes.

Three different authorisation groups are realised to ensure a well-arranged administration. Each of these user roles has specific rights. Filter and search possibilities support consultants and project managers at carrying out their daily work.

Export functionalities and statistics support the generation of necessary conformations for federal ministries or funding agencies (e.g. performance record, reportings). Controlling can easily be realised.

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Documentation on site - independent of the available device


Attention was paid to modern use with means independence of any device. This means that eDok can be used on the notebook as well as with tablets or smart phones. The editing of the database - which means the creation of entries - considers individual needs of the consulting staff.

The architecture of eDok is designed as electronic archive on an external hosting, which means that record keeping and archiving of paper acts is not necessary any more.  The structure furthermore complies with the security regulations of the European GDPR.

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Key Data of the project


Project start: July 2018

Project duration: 14 months


Find out more about Volkshilfe Arbeitswelt GmbH at https://www.volkshilfe-ooe.at

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